DFI.Money are proud to announce a new strategic pivotal partnership with Bonfi to advance the global adoption of DeFi.

Stronger Together

Together our DeFi platforms will collaborate to stimulate the broader DeFi ecosystem and joint-initiatives that cover marketing, branding and international community expansion.

What is BonFi?

BonFi is a multi-layered open finance liquidity mining service platform complemented by the AI-powered BonVest, a professional cryptocurrency liquidity mining solution. …

Orbits and YFII have officially entered into a strategic partnership

Both parties will join forces in terms of brand, community and technology to jointly enrich and prosper the DeFi’s HECO ecology. After the product is launched, Orbits Finance will join hands with YFII to open an I-pool. Users who deposit stable coins into the I-pool will be able to obtain…

DFI Money (YFII) merges with SakeSwap (Sake SAKE), including development and community resources and new project asset issuance.
After discussions and voting at the 12th Management YFII Committee meeting , a merger between YFII and SakeSwap has been voted in, which will deepen the DeFi Ecology layout.
Merger specific directions:

1. Change in TVL

The YFII TVL this week was US$ 9.36 million , of which the Ethereum vault is US$ 6.9 million, the BSC vault is US$ 460,000 and the Heco Chain vault US$ 2 million, an increase from last weeks US$ 9.13 million.

2. Governance overview

2.1 In the YFII community, the latest APY earnings…

【1. Process of front-end development work, team members and division of labor】

The Xiaoqing team will continue to lead the design and development of the transitional website and the new version of the website. Lovely and Andy will work with the Xiaoqing team for cooperation. Kojima Minako will give front-end development requirements. The Nimo team can always provide senior front-end developer resources…

Let’s start with the first question. Please can you introduce yourself and the team to us? Also, what were you doing before involving yourself with the crypto industry and what brought you in?

Cao Yin

I am the Managing Director of Digital Renaissance Foundation OU, a lecturer of National Accounting Academy and one of the earliest DeFi investors in China working with DeFi teams since 2017.

In YFII, I am one of the volunteers for DFI.Money as well as a member of the…

Holders of 5 or more YFII tokens will receive a FNX airdrop worth ±$180.

DeFi Tuesday held by the YFII community on January 19th, Cao Yin and Ron , YFII core volunteers, were in talks with FNX founder Yang Tao and SIL community volunteer Big Orange.

FNX airdrop
FNX has multiple…

Press release

Since its birth, Bitcoin has challenged people’s understanding of the concept of “currency”.

Due to the drastic price fluctuations and volatility, Bitcoin has long been thought to lack the monetary function of the ‘Unit of Account’. It’s application therefore is used more as a native reserve asset in…

Pain Points of Existing DeFi Yield Aggregators

A new wave of the DeFi mining era is coming as the booming of Algorithmic Stablecoins set in. However, these new projects are generally not investor friendly. The reasons are:

  • First off, high APY Yields usually come with high gas fees, as a result half a day of your income…


Innovative decentralized #defi mining pool No founder No investor No premine No inflation No owner-key No price No cefi Let’s farm and build together!

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