The advantages of choosing YFII vault mining

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The characteristic of YFII Finance is to find the best profit opportunities in the market, and automatically allocate funds through smart contracts to obtain the best yield in the market.

YFII vault is a smart contract that focuses on DeFi and automatically configures the best DeFi mining revenue in the market with one single click. Users only need to deposit the corresponding asset into the Vault to get the highest DeFi mining revenue on the market without any contract operations. Vault is a public DeFi financial agreement developed by the YFII team, which supports the random integration of wallets and exchanges.

What are the advantages of YFII vault mining compared with individual mining?

1. Guarantee the safety of principal

More than 30 contract engineers in the YFII community conduct development and code audits to ensure contract security In the future, decentralized insurance services will be strategically insured to further ensure the safety of funds.Various fake Defi programs are emerging on the market now, and many project contracts have not been audited. Many users cannot distinguish risks at all. The YFII community audit team will audit the Defi project, and only after the audit is passed will the project go online in the vault.

On August 24, a new liquid mining project chick was discovered by the YFII contract audit team to have a back door, which is very malicious to disguise the contract definition “public” as “pub1ic” so that it looks like a public function. The consequence is the contract money can be transferred away at any time and the principal of users will lose. (Reference:

2 YFII vault needs no miner fees.

At present, the Gas Price of Ethereum transactions has reached 200 gwei, and the cost of each transaction is as high as 15$. At the same time, the design of a high-yield DeFi project is complicated and requires multiple operations to start mining, resulting in excessive user fees, which is especially detrimental to small funds.

However, YFII Vault only needs to recharge in one step to start project mining. In addition, after the user deposits the supported tokens in the YFII Vault, the subsequent upgrade strategy (connecting to new projects) does not require the user to operate and pay a handling fee, and the YFII Vault automatically switches.

3 YFII Vault Will help you to convert the harvested tokens into YFII in time to protect your profits.

Not long ago, the price of the YAM plummeted. Many farmers did not sell the YAM in time, and lost their profits. But if you choose YFII Vault, there is no need to worry about that. YFII Vault sells at any time to protect farmers’ profits and principal.

4 YFII Vault community has more than 20 tactical analysts to find high-yield strategies and submit them to the contract team for development.

5 YFII Vault is a smart contract governed by YFII DAO. The funds are managed by the decentralized contract, and there is no need to have trust third party.

YFII Vault have no third-party fund custody, the transfer fund is transparent, everyone can clearly see how the money is used at each step on the chain, and redeem it at any time.(What’s means funds are completely controlled by users. In fact, it is not “redemption” in the traditional sense. It is strictly defined as terminating the contractual relationship)

The reason why 2008 financial crisis and various P2P scam broke out is that centralized financial products are more likely black boxes to the public.

By choosing YFII Vault, because of it’s decentralized finance attributes, you can have a reasonable good APY rate on your investment meanwhile lower risks fully under your own control.

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